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For educators and students

Our mission is to give every computing educator the opportunity to maximize their teaching performance, so that their students get the highest quality of education. CodeGrade started as a university project to help ourselves and our students, as students and teaching assistants Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. Today, we are helping many institutions worldwide.

  • 2015
    Students Computer Science
    Especially in our introductory programming courses, we sometimes had to wait weeks for very brief feedback on our assignments.
  • 2016
    Huge grading workload as TA
    As teaching assistants for various programming courses, we became fed up with the grading workflow. Which motivated us to develop a tool to improve this workflow.
  • 2018
    CodeGrade established
    We officially established CodeGrade as a spin-off from the University of Amsterdam, we further developed the system with funding from the UvA and collaboration with the professors.
  • 2019
    Going worldwide
    With a highly improved product, we rolled out CodeGrade to the rest of Europe, the UK, North America and Australia.
  • 2020
    Helping teachers and students
    By collaborating with top universities and teachers, we keep improving our services to give every student the code education they deserve and educators the tools they need!
The founding team!

How we make CodeGreat

Educators first
Whether it's design choices or support, teachers and their education always come first.
We design CodeGrade for all workflows, programming languages and tools.
Privacy and security
We believe in privacy by design and by default and are fully GDPR & FERPA compliant.

Meet Team CodeGrade.

Andrea Marchena Fernández

Growth Intern

Devin Hillenius

Founder, Product Expert

Lena Hong

Solutions Consultant

Luke McClellan

Business Development Intern

Olmo Kramer

Founder, Development & Technology

Thomas Schaper

Founder, CTO

Timothy Guo

Business Development Intern

Youri Voet

Founder, CEO
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