Since 2017

Our contribution

CodeGrade started as a university project at the University of Amsterdam to make our lives as TAs for coding courses easier, and for students to get the feedback they need to be successful in computer science education. Today we are helping universities, companies, bootcamps and high schools around the world to make their coding education better.

We believe that everyone benefits from coding education. Whether it's to be able to better communicate in an ever more digitalized world or to become the next generation of software engineers building the tools to make life better, more efficient and more sophisticated.

We contribute to this by making the flexible learning platform for coding education.

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Empowering coding teachers to design tailored educational experiences.


Accessible coding education for everyone.

Our values

We have a can-do mindset. We are constructive in feedback. We adapt, change and solve.
We are free. We are responsible. Our actions and decisions are ethically and morally informed. Security and privacy is a default.
We always keep improving. We strive for excellence.

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If you want to be part of our mission, join us! We're a small, committed and young team. Our HQ is located in the heart of Amsterdam.
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