An intuitive online coding environment that integrates with any LMS and CLM!

Online collaborative code editor

  • Works with 180+ programming languages
  • Let students code together directly inside your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, ...)
  • Instant feedback on their code

Transform your coding course.

“CodeGrade has really made our lives easier. The lives of the TAs, the students, the teachers. It has really helped our Computer Science Department out a lot.”
Alex St. Aubin
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas
CodeGrade is your all-in-one virtual assistant for code.

All tools code classrooms need.

CodeGrade is not just a online code IDE, it is your all-in-one virtual assistant for your coding classroom. Discover everything that CodeGrade offers:

Supports any programming language!

CodeGrade is compatible with 180+ programming languages and any framework. From the basic Java and Python courses, to Tensorflow machine learning, to Web Development using Flask or Django, to Data Science in R.

Online collaborative code editor in your LMS.

Let students write code and get instant feedback in your favourite LMS:

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How we make teachers happy

CodeGrade is your virtual teaching assistant for your code classroom. You teach, CodeGrade takes care of the rest.

Educators use CodeGrade for courses like Introduction to Programming, Data Structures, Data Science, Web Development, Web Design, Databases, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development courses and way more.

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Happy educators

  • CodeGraders have less stress.
  • CodeGraders have happier and more successful students.
  • CodeGraders have an easier workflow.

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