CodeGrade @ D2L Fusion 2020

Hey there fellow EdTech enthousiast!

Welcome to the CodeGrade virtual booth. We're looking forward to chatting and showing you more about CodeGrade. Feel free to take a tour or directly book a personal meeting using our online calendar. Thanks for stopping by!

Start using CodeGrade now to supercharge your feedback on code.

Give teachers the tools to grade,
students the feedback they deserve.

For Teachers

  • You can finally focus on teaching and giving feedback with CodeGrade's time saving and automation tools.
  • You get beautiful insights into students' performance and you can combat plagiarism.
  • You get CodeGrade's flexibility and support, supercharging any of your workflows with ease.

For Students

  • You get engaged with instant continuous feedback every time you hand it, it's like a game!
  • You finally get the insightful feedback you deserve with CodeGrade's inline comments and rubrics.
  • You can upload directly via the Learning Management System you are used to or with Git!

Grow your coding classroom
without compromise.