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Code Assessments in Brightspace.

  • Online code editor in Brightspace
  • Code assignments and autograding in Brightspace
  • Code plagiarism detector in Brightspace
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Our 5-minute Brightspace integration

CodeGrade has a seamless integration with Desire2Learn Brightspace through LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3. All your course's users, grades and assignments are automagically synchronized.

Code assignments in Brightspace with no administrative hassle for instructors and a seamless workflow for students!
5-minute Brightspace integration

Follow our easy wizard to set up a CodeGrade integration for your course. Need help? Our technical support team will guide you through it, we've done this hundreds of times.

Create a code assignment in Brightspace

You will now directly have the option to add a code assignment to your Brightspace course. After creating one, everything will be synchronized for you!

Happy teachers and students

You're set! You now have a code editor, code autograding, code plagiarism detection and all of our other features available to you and your students right in Brightspace.

Teach code in Brightspace.

“The kids seem to love me, they want me to teach all the coding classes. I am glad that they like me, but I think a lot of it has more to do with CodeGrade.”
John Newsom
University of Texas at San Antonio

Any programming language in Brightspace.

CodeGrade is compatible with 180+ programming languages and any framework. From the basic Java and Python courses, to Tensorflow machine learning, to Web Development using Flask or Django, to Data Science in R: CodeGrade brings any coding course to Brightspace!

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How we make teachers happy

CodeGrade is your virtual teaching assistant for code assignments in D2L Brightspace. You teach, CodeGrade takes care of the rest.

Educators use CodeGrade for courses like Introduction to Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence and many other coding and software development courses.

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Happy educators

  • Educators who use CodeGrade in their Brightspace course have less stress.
  • Educators who use CodeGrade in their Brightspace course have happier students.
  • Educators who use CodeGrade in their Brightspace course have a simpler teaching workflow.

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