Deliver engaging feedback on code.

Fits all your programming assessment workflows.

  • Fully auto graded exercises
  • Hybrid graded assignments
  • Manually graded projects
  • Final exams
"CodeGrade provides fully autograded assignments with good feedback to our students that satisfies our high requirements for user experience!"
Dr. Luis de la Fuente Valentín
International University of La Rioja

As a plugin for your LMS or standalone

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Fully auto graded exercises

  • Easy functionality checking
    Use built in Input/Output tests, unit testing with your favourite frameworks or run any custom grading script you have lying around on our autograder.
  • Powerful Code Quality checking
    CodeGrade works with any industry standard static code analysis tool or linter. Simply select it, and it will give a score and place comments right inside the code.
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The power of continuous automatic feedback

Giving students instant and continuous automatic feedback using our autograder has a lot of advantages, for you, and for your students.
Higher quality code

Students have the ability to iteratively improve their code before the due date.

No more broken code

After handing in, students will immediately see if their solution works, making sure you will never have to fix their compiler errors again.

More time to focus

Don’t worry about functionality testing or finding that compiler error. Actually focus on the interesting and important facets of grading.

Combine auto grading with personalised manual feedback

Efficient manual grading for assignments and projects

“CodeGrade has really made our lives easier. The lives of the TAs, the students, the teachers. It has really helped our Computer Science Department out a lot.”
Alex St. Aubin
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Complete your grading workflow.

After the due date

Grading assignments online
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    Schedule a demo.
    Let's do a 30 minute call to get to know each other and see whether CodeGrade fits your workflow. If it doesn't, no hard feelings.
  • 2
    Play around and get a feel.
    After the demo, we can plan in a more technical presentation or we can give you access to a sandbox environment, so you can play around with CodeGrade yourself.
  • 3
    Ready, set, go.
    Start using CodeGrade for your institution. We can start small, or big. It's up to you and your needs. We'll help you with onboarding and give you our infinite support.

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