The flexible learning platform for coding education.

zyBooks vs CodeGrade

CodeGrade is the flexible learning platform for coding education, allowing you to design tailored educational experiences for your ever changing classroom. With CodeGrade, you are getting all the features to enhance your students' learning experience and service you can always trust.
Compatible with 180+ programming languages
Code editor
Automatic grading
Code plagiarism detection
GitHub and GitLab integration
Learning Management System integration
Only grade sync
Code peer reviews
Jupyter Notebook support
Anonymous grading
Inline comments
Assignment analytics
Ready-made assignments
Access to full RESTful API
Dedicated support

Automatic grading features compared

Input/output testing
Unit testing
Select frameworks
Code quality testing
Code structure testing
Custom grading scripts

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Workflow differences

CodeGrade allows you to set up your assignments easily and intuitively. You can customize the autograder depending on the level and requirements of your assignment. Our autograder does not simply look for a specific output, but can assess submissions in various ways. For a beginner coding assignment, minor errors or superfluous code structure can be separated from more important parameters like code functionality. CodeGrade’s autograder can adapt as assignments become more advanced and accept various solutions. Our product can support any programming language and testing framework, and you can download and install any packages required for your assignments.

zyBooks offers an interactive textbook with animations and high production value. With the additional inclusion of zyLabs, teachers are now able to select programming assignments from a widely available/used assignment bank that matches their syllabus to assess students. Flexibility for correct solutions can be limited. Teachers have the option to create their own assignments, but testing capabilities are limited.

With CodeGrade, we are built to be a seamless integration for education. The setup process is quick and painless, and students never have to leave the LMS to submit work, or to view their results. If an LMS integration is not possible, we also function as a standalone platform and support single-sign on (SSO), so students can login with their institution account.

Onboarding and support

With CodeGrade, support is unlimited across all licenses, regardless of the license size. Our onboarding process will get your course up and running in less than 1 hour. 

How do we do this? We’ll set up your first two assignments and walk you through these assignments during our 1 hour onboarding session. This gets you up and running with your first assignments and means you know how to set up the rest of your assignments.

You can schedule as many onboarding sessions as you need for your staff and TAs. If you need assistance you can schedule a call or email us at any time. We will always answer in a timely manner, regardless of where you are in the world.

Schedule a personalized tour of CodeGrade today.