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Create engaging assessments with automatic grading, inline feedback and plagiarism detection.

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Save time and achieve better learning outcomes.


Of teachers reduce grading time by at least 25%.


On average, students get 10 times the amount of feedback with CodeGrade.


Teachers rate our service and support with a 9.1 out of 10.


Interactive coding quizzes

Give students a mixture of coding quizzes and multiple choice questions to boost engagement and reinforce key concepts. Personalize them to match your students’ learning styles.

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Automatic code grading

Give students immediate feedback. Craft tests effortlessly in our intuitive interface, seamlessly integrating your custom testing scripts. Plus, our autograder adapts to your preferences for tailored grading.

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Online IDE

Step into our user-friendly lightweight IDE, designed for distraction-free coding. Students can write, compile, and run code seamlessly within a familiar environment.
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For those who prefer coding in their own environment, the process is straightforward: just upload your files or use our seamless GitHub or GitLab integration for easy submission.
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Screenshot of online IDE for students with automatic comments placed on lines of code.
Screenshot of inline comment given by a teacher with an automatically filled in rubric.

Inline comments and rubrics

Enhance grading with precise feedback through inline comments and efficient snippets. Ensure fairness and transparency with rubrics, enriching the learning experience.

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Plagiarism detection

Easily spot code plagiarism with our specialized detection system. Featuring an intuitive online interface and seamless export options, it ensures the integrity of your students' work.

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Peer feedback

Foster collaboration and skill development with peer code reviews. Empower students to learn from each other, strengthening their coding abilities and understanding of the material.

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LMS integration

CodeGrade seamlessly integrates with all major learning management systems using LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3. Not using an LMS? No worries, CodeGrade is also available standalone and supports SSO.

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What educators say

Dr. Greg Longo
Dr. Greg Longo
Program Director of the Master's Data Science at Eastern University
“CodeGrade is easy to use, the support is amazing and the product is really good."
John Newsom
John Newsom
University of Texas at San Antonio
“The kids seem to love me, they want me to teach all the coding classes. I am glad that they like me, but I think a lot of it has more to do with CodeGrade.”
Dalize van Heerden
Dalize van Heerden
Programming instructor at The University of South Africa for over 20 years.
“CodeGrade has more than halved the time it takes me to mark one assignment and I’m not getting carpal tunnel from scrolling everywhere!”
Tom Pepels
Tom Pepels
Teaches Data Structures and Algorithms at Maastricht University
"With CodeGrade, I could finally teach stress free! I could finally fully focus on teaching and helping my students!"
Jessica Kaufman
Jessica Kaufman
Teaches Introductory Programming at Harvard-Westlake School for over 25 years
“My experience with CodeGrade has been fantastic. It was a winner from the start and among a dozen autograders I tried out."
Dr. Volker Seeker
Dr. Volker Seeker
Teaches Introduction to Object Oriented Programming at the University of Edinburgh
“With CodeGrade, I was nominated for Best Course in the Student Awards at the University of Edinburgh!”

For all types of coding education

Image of a student working behind a computer.

Higher Education

From introductory courses to the most advanced coding classes, colleges and universities use CodeGrade.

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Classroom of students

Coding Bootcamps

Cutting-edge coding bootcamps use CodeGrade to teach programming at scale.

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Kid behind a laptop

K-12 Schools

Middle and High Schools use CodeGrade to simplify and optimize their students' coding journey.

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