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Grow your coding classroom without compromising on quality.

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(Auto) graded assignments
Our autograder supports 180+ programming languages.

Grade your students instantly.

Engage your students with immediate and continuous automatic feedback on their code. Write tests in our intuitive UI or seamlessly integrate your own testing scripts. Works with all programming languages and frameworks!
Efficient and engaging personalized grading.

Intuitive inline comments.

Give your students powerful and accessible feedback precisely on lines or blocks of code. Use super easy and efficient shortcuts for high efficiency and consistency. Even interact with students right within the code.
State of the art code plagiarism software.

Plagiarism detection for code.

Built-in plagiarism detection that is especially designed for code. With a beautifully insightful online interface and export functionality. Works with all major programming languages and even Jupyter Notebooks!

Give teachers the tools to grade,
students the feedback they deserve.

For Teachers

  • You can finally focus on teaching and giving feedback with CodeGrade's time saving and automation tools.
  • You get beautiful insights into students' performance and you can combat plagiarism.
  • You get CodeGrade's flexibility and support, supercharging any of your workflows with ease.

For Students

  • You get engaged with instant continuous feedback every time you hand it, it's like a game!
  • You finally get the insightful feedback you deserve with CodeGrade's inline comments and rubrics.
  • You can upload directly via the Learning Management System you are used to or with Git!
Our solution includes unlimited support.

Happy educators.

Institutions big and small use CodeGrade to improve their programming education.
Read their story and learn why they made the switch.
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Perfect integration with your current tools.

Connect CodeGrade with your Learning Management System and Git using our built-in integrations, or connect any other platform with our powerful API.

Open edX
Jupyter Notebook
Add your own using our API

Grow your coding classroom without compromising on quality.