Python 1.6

Circle Area Calculator

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  • To have learned about print statements.
  • To have learned about arithmetics.

Learning goals:

  • Get familiar using variables in Python.
  • Get familiar with using constants in Python.
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Now that we have worked with variables, we can start working with a special type of variable: constants. A constant is a variable that, like the name suggests, does not change value (or has a “constant” value). Variable names are written in lowercase but, the convention is to give variables that do not change their value (i.e. constants) an uppercase name: e.g. `GRAVITY`.

For our second formula, we will define two variables that we need in order to calculate the area of a circle, `PI` and `radius`. As always, use the correct names for your variables and assign `PI` the value of `3.14`.

Again, your program should only print the solution of the calculation. Call your program ``. The example output below is for a circle with a radius of `5`.

Please note: It is usually a bad practice to define your own common constants like pi, as they are already available in Python’s math module. You will learn more about the math module later in this course.

Example usage:

-!- CODE language-bash -!-$ python3

Learn more:

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