Python 2.1

Hello Name

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  • Print statement.

Learning goals:

  • Learn how to ask the user for input.
  • Create a first I/O script.
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Up until now, the output of the assignments you have created has been a bit boring. That’s because all the scripts we’ve made until this point have been static, they could only supply the same output every time they were run (unless you changed the source code). We are now going to make them a bit more interesting, by making them dynamic. We can do that by asking the user for input, and making our output dependent on this input. This is what makes most software so powerful too: processing given user input to produce a specific output.

For this task, you will create just that: a small first script that uses input to produce a specific output. Write a simple script called ``, which should ask the user to input their name and then print the exact string `“Hello {name}!”` to the screen.

Example usage:

-!- CODE language-bash -!-$ python3
Please write your name: CodeGrade
Hello CodeGrade!

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