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April 5, 2023

AutoTest v2 Updates

We've made a lot of progress on improving our newly released AutoTest v2. Below are some of the key updates from the last two months:

  • We added setup blocks that allow you to install specific versions of Python, Java or JavaScript in the setup.
  • We added a timeout wrapper block to set a custom timeout on steps.
  • We added a diff viewer to the IO test step for students.
  • We added the option to ignore whitespace to IO test match blocks.
  • Submission metadata is now available in the AutoTest VM with the environmental variable “CG_INFO”.
  • You can now place comments in the code viewer via AutoTest V2 by writing to file descriptor 3 (Structured Output).
  • We now allow for descriptions on test steps.

Other improvements

  • AutoTest v2 steps no longer unnecessarily collapse while tests are running.
  • Fixed a scrolling bug in the AutoTest V2 output viewer in the editor.
  • Copying AutoTest v2 configurations should no longer give timeout errors.
  • Large amounts of text in the Expected output field no longer causes saving issues.

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