Automatic grader

Inspire students with prompt and instant feedback on their code. You'll find it easy to craft tests in our intuitive interface and seamlessly blend in your own custom testing scripts.
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How it works

Instant grading and feedback

Let students swiftly correct code errors, deepening their conceptual understanding. Avoid the frustration of manual grading and maintain learner motivation and momentum. CodeGrade's autograder accelerates learning and enables instructors to refine their teaching methods effectively.

Feedback on lines of code

Our autograder directly provides feedback on specific lines of code throughout your students’ coding process. Think about anything from compiler errors, assessing code quality, and implementing custom tests that provide feedback directly within the code itself.

Connect tests to rubrics

Clarify expectations, ensure objective evaluation, and provide targeted feedback. By connecting autograding directly to your defined rubric you can foster iterative learning, self-assessment, and prepare students for real-world coding standards, resulting in enhanced learning outcomes.

Get time back for a personal touch

"It allowed me to free up a lot of my time. Right now, 50% of the grade comes from CodeGrade and then I grade the remaining part of it."
John Newsom, Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio

Build configurations in minutes

With CodeGrade, setting up an autograder is no longer a time-consuming process. Our platform streamlines the setup for teachers through our innovative block-based authoring UI. This simplifies technical complexities and saves teachers time, ensuring a consistent setup that leads to a smoother learning experience and more effective assessments.

All test types you need

Create advanced configurations using input/output tests, unit tests, code quality tests, code structure tests and custom tests. Simply drag-and-drop and combine them with hide blocks, allow internet blocks and much more.

Powerful and secure cloud infrastructure

Our autograder runs on powerful cloud infrastructure that runs all submissions on separate VMs with at least 4GB of RAM and 1 processing core. This provides students with truly instant feedback and can comfortably accommodate tens of thousands of submissions in a single assignment.

Give your students the attention they need

"Now that we are using CodeGrade to assist our marking we can get on with the business of assisting our students. This gives us more time to ensure that the students really understand what they are doing. This has been a great win for us."
Dr. Carl Mooney, Senior Lecturer, Flinders University

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