LMS integration

CodeGrade seamlessly integrates with all major learning management systems using LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3. Not using an LMS? No worries, CodeGrade is also available standalone and supports SSO.
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How it works

Support for all major learning management systems

Whether it's Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, or a different LMS, CodeGrade supports it. This ensures easy access and smooth integration for educators. It provides a uniform experience, expands reach, and simplifies administrative work.

Combine the tools in your LMS with CodeGrade

Use CodeGrade with content that already exists in your LMS, providing a better learning journey for your students. As a result, your students gain practical coding experience and can improve their skills.

Easy account management

Accounts and roles are automatically synchronized and managed through your LMS. Managing your accounts through your LMS improves security, user convenience, and administrative efficiency across both platforms.

Seamless integrations

"The user interface is great and the Brightspace integration has been seamless. We’ve had no problems at all, it’s been really smooth. It’s great that everything is customizable by the instructor, that made it really easy for us to get our own assignments up and going without any help from anyone else."
Dr. Greg Longo, Department Chair, Eastern University

Automatic course copy

Use our automatic course copy feature to save time, maintain consistency, and make course updates effortlessly. It also supports efficient planning, customization to specific needs, and encourages collaboration within your course curriculum, which enhances instructional efficiency and improves content quality.

LTI 1.3 Advantage

CodeGrade integrates through LTI 1.3 which provides a smooth user experience and easy installation.

Grade passback

CodeGrade automatically passes back the grades to the gradebook in your LMS. Allowing you to combine CodeGrade assignments with other assignment types your LMS offers.

A fully managed platform and service

"My experience with CodeGrade has been fantastic, it has been a winner for me and my students from the start!"
Jessica Kaufman, Teacher, Harvard-Westlake School

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