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September 6, 2023

Enhanced checkstyle support in AutoTest v2

This update includes the most recent addition to the "cg" commands suite, "cg checkstyle". This new command improves the the usage of checkstyle in CodeGrade by offering a simple way to install checkstyle and, run and parse the output of checkstyle tests. More information about the use of this command can be found by running "cg checkstyle --help" in a Script block in AutoTest v2.

Other improvements

  • You can now set test descriptions in AutoTest v2 to automatically expand or collapse given the result of the test.
  • The "cg comments generic" and "cg unit-tests junitxml" commands have been simplified to "cg comments" and "cg junitxml". The old commands will be preserved for backwards compatibility.
  • We have introduced the "caching" state to the AutoTest v2 output viewer to provide a clearer indication of when AutoTest v2 steps are being cached.

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