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March 9, 2023

Grades published toggle

We have improved how you can publish (and synchronize) the grades and feedback to your students. There is now a dedicated toggle on the Assignment Management page. Furthermore, the availability of an assignment is now managed through the "Available" field, which has three options: "Unavailable", "Always Available" and "Available at [DATE]".

This update replaces the Assignment State. Existing assignments are automatically migrated to use the new fields.

Other improvements

  • When you copy or import an assignment, the test submission is now also copied!
  • Made it possible for teachers to access the editor to adjust an existing submission at any time via the "Edit" button in the code viewer.
  • Made it possible for teachers to upload a test submission even when the "File uploader" option hasn't been selected.
  • Added a substring match block for IO tests in AutoTest v2.
  • Added a case sensitivity option to IO test match blocks in AutoTest V2.
  • Several minor improvements.

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