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August 25, 2023

New options for cg program in ATv2

This update expands on the "cg" command in AutoTest v2 (a pre-installed command for parsing test output). The update adds the option to parse JUnit XML files directly to render the output of unit tests by using the command "cg unit-tests junitxml".

Additionally, the "cg comments generic" command can now generate a score based on the comments that were generated. This feature is enabled simply by setting the --score flag. The impact each comment will have on the score can be customized with the --deduction-<severity> PERCENTAGE flag.

Other improvements

  • We now support installation blocks for Clang, GCC, and .NET framework in AutoTest v2
  • Submissions are now marked late depending on the deadline of the section the student is in.
  • The submission will remain marked as late even if the deadlines are shifted after submission, since it was late at the time of handing in
  • The specific deadline and lock date used for the student are also available in the AutoTest v2 environment within the $CG_INFO variable.

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