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May 8, 2023


You can now set different availability, deadline and lock dates in your assignments for different sets of students (sections) with Schedules.

To use this feature, go to the general settings of your assignment and scroll to the Schedules settings. If you have created sections in your course, you can add a new schedule. By default your assignment will only have a single deadline for everyone. Schedules, like deadlines, can be set up for each assignment.

With the new feature you can:

  • Have multiple sections / labs doing the same assignment at different times.
  • Grant deadline extensions to a student or group of students.


  • When using Schedules, the availability, deadline and lock date will no longer be automatically synchronized from your LMS. In other words, you will have to set the deadline for everyone in CodeGrade.
  • If a user is present in multiple sections, for each option (availability, deadline, lock date), they will be granted the most lenient setting applied to one of their sections. For example, if a student is in two sections (A and B) and the section A has a later deadline but section B has an earlier available at date, then the student will be assigned the deadline of section B and the available at of section A.

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