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May 22, 2023

Template Github repository

You can now connect a template GitHub repository to CodeGrade. Enabling this feature will force your students to create a new GitHub repository from the template you have selected rather than selecting an existing repo. You can use this feature by enabling GitHub/GitLab as a submission method and then toggling the "Enable template repository" option. You will then be prompted to provide the URL of the template repo.

Note: You must make sure the GitHub repo you select as the template must be a template repository. This can be set in GitHub by going to settings and checking the box called "Template Repository" under the General Settings.

Other improvements

  • Added a PyTest block in ATv2 allowing you to write your Pytest scripts directly in AutoTest. This removes the need to upload test files or wrapper scripts.
  • Added a regex match block for the IO test in ATv2.
  • Other glitch and bug fixes

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