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September 21, 2017

Version 0.12.6 (DobbeleJava)

  • Add a dark theme to the website.
  • Revamping exporting all submissions by making it possible to include feedback and fixed a bug that prevented the name of the grader to show.
  • Other improvements

  • Fix bug that prevented downloading code of persons non latin-1 characters in their names.
  • Fix behaviour of next and previous buttons in the code viewer.
  • Fix handling of long lines in the code viewer.
  • Fix bug where a lot of grader change requests were done when changing filters on the submissions page.
  • Fix html injection bugs.
  • Make it possible to click on the login button again.
  • Make sure underlines in the code viewer are only done on code, not on the feedback.
  • Fix bootstrap Vue input fields not showing text.
  • Fix bug that resulted in a large white space between the header and the body in LTI when dark mode is enabled.
  • Fix bug that file tree viewer was way too long overlapping the footer.
  • Fix bug that resulted in that every grade attempt showed as a new submission in the LMS.
  • Fix bug that some floating point rubric items points resulted in very large descriptions overlapping the grade viewer.
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