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November 23, 2017

Version 0.16.9 (ExportHell)

  • Make it possible to give feedback without any grade
  • Make it possible to export username and user-id in csv
  • Add utils.formatGrade function to format grades with 2 decimals
  • Teacher revision interface
  • Add cgignore file
  • Add weight fields to submission divider
  • Courses actions buttons nicefied
  • Other improvements

  • Fix null in submission navbar
  • Fix various bugs with boolean parsing for sorting
  • Fix reset button on user info page
  • Make sure selected language is reseted if file is changed
  • Fix filter and order in submission navbar
  • Make sure ordering grades will work as expected
  • Fix makefile’s phony targets
  • Make sure that the default config uses the application factory
  • Fix concurrent grade passback
  • Define media queries in the mixins file
  • Make sure comments or linters do not stop submission deletion
  • Redo LTI launch if it fails because of a 401 error
  • Put course list popovers above buttons instead of at the sides
  • Fix rubric-points colour in the dark theme when overridden
  • Make sure submissions can be deleted even if there is a grade history
  • Make sure sorting tables works as expected
  • Make sure blackboard zips with multiple files are uploaded correctly
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