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January 24, 2018

Version 0.21.4 (FlipFloppedWhiteSocked)

  • Make it possible to force reset of email when using LTI
  • Add done grading notification email
  • Make the way dividing and assigning works more intuitive
  • Email graders when their status is reset to not done
  • Add registration page
  • Split can manage course permission
  • Add autocomplete for adding students to a course
  • Add the first implementation of TA communication tools
  • Add the Ctrl+Enter keybinding on the .cg-ignore field
  • Make it possible to reset password even if old password was NULL.
  • Add permission descriptions
  • Other improvements

  • Fix the reload behaviour of snippets
  • Make sure very large rubrics do not overflow the interface
  • Increase the speed of multiple routes and pages
  • Make sure the deadline object is cloned before modification
  • Make sure existing users are added to course during BB-zip upload
  • Make sure assignment title is only updated after submitting
  • Make sure a zip archive always contains a top level directory
  • Make sure a grade is always between 0 and 10
  • Normalise API output
  • Communicate better that certain elements are clickable
  • Fix: “Files can be deleted even when they have comments associated with them”
  • Make sure grades are compared numerically if this is possible
  • Make blackboard zip regex handle more edge cases
  • See how CodeGrade can transform your courses today!