Updates and improvements to CodeGrade.
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November 21, 2018

Version 1.0.22 (HereBeMonsters.2)

  • Enforce minimal password strength:
    CodeGrade now enforces a minimum password strength for all users. A warning is also shown if a user logs in with a password that doesn’t adhere to the current requirements. We recommend all users to update their passwords if they receive such a warning.
  • Update course and assignment name on LTI launch: If the name of a course or assignment changes within your LMS this change is now copied in CodeGrade.
  • Do lti launch on grade result: When viewing new grades this will trigger an LTI launch. This means you will always be logged-in in CodeGrade with the current LMS user.
  • Show a loader instead of the delete button for plagiarism checks that are still running.
  • Other improvements

  • Only show register button when the feature is enabled.
  • Make it possible to create PDF manuals.
  • Fix plagiarism detail viewer:
  • Because of a misplaced bracket it was not possible to view plagiarism cases.
  • Always do an initial grade passback: This reverts a change in version 1.0.0 which caused Canvas to not remove CodeGrade assignments from the todo list of students. By doing a LTI passback when students hand-in a submission the assignment should be removed from their todo list.
  • Various small logging fixes.
  • Redact emails of other users: This is a minor breaking change. When serializing a user an email
    key was always sent including the email of every user. With this change the email key is only sent with the extended serialization of a user, and the value is changed to '<REDACTED>' for every user except the currently logged-in user. This prevents people in the same course from seeing each others email.
  • Improve speed of plagiarism route: By using the database in a more efficient way this route should become about twice as fast!
  • Various styling fixes.
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