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January 16, 2019

Version 1.1.4 (HereBeMonsters.3)

  • Add PMD and Checkstyle linters: Addition of two Java linters: PMD and Checkstyle. For security reasons, some restrictions on config apply. Please see the documentation for more details
  • Add snippet completion and selection: This makes it easier for users to use and add snippets.
  • Other improvements

  • Fix a bug hiding indentation on lines with linter errors: When linting lines with errors didn’t show indentation.
  • Fix dark special holiday logo.
  • Make it impossible to upload too large archives: This makes it way harder for users to bypass our restrictions to upload very large archives.
  • Various internal fixes and improvements.
  • Don’t apply “mine” filter when assigning first submission to self: When no submission had an assignee and you assigned yourself it filtered all other submissions directly.
  • Make sure the grade is updated when rubric is.
  • Improve worst case performance in some plagiarism cases.
  • Schedule a personalized tour of CodeGrade today