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October 11, 2019

Version 1.13.0 (JungleJoy.4)

AutoTest and Continuous Feedback cooperate even better with this release. Tests are always run immediately after handing in, and even fill in the rubric directly when possible. Teachers can still choose when to make results visible to students.

  • Merge AutoTest & Continuous Feedback:
    AutoTest and Continuous Feedback are now integrated together. AutoTest automatically runs on all submissions and new submissions and you can choose whether to make the results visible to students immediately (Continuous Feedback) or only after the assignment state is set to done.
  • Brightspace support.
  • Other improvements

  • Improve scrolling on the submission list page:
  • on small screens the rubric sometimes overlaps with the upload field, this has now been improved.
  • Create a new config option to add an admin user to each course:
  • it is now possible to add an admin user to courses automatically, making technical support easier.
  • Show confirm message when overwriting an existing snippet.
  • Show warning when rendering extremely large files.
  • Make it possible to submit comments containing the null byte.
  • Make it possible to see the plagiarism table without manage permission:
  • this makes it easier to give TAs the permission to see plagiarism cases,
  • without them being able to edit the plagiairism run.
  • The CodeViewer is faster, and works better when dealing with large files.
  • Fix race condition in editable rubric editor.
  • Fix late submission warning.
  • Fix hand in requirements bugs:
  • sometimes a file was matched by multiple rules and there was a bug with empty directories when using the deny all policy.
  • Fix race condition when creating unassigned runners.
  • Fix plagiarism overview when missing permissions on other courses.
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