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November 27, 2019

Version 1.16.2 (Knoet)

It is now possible to hand in via GitHub or GitLab. You can now also write files back from AutoTest to the Code Viewer to ease manual grading.

  • Make it possible to hand in submission through GitHub+GitLab: this makes it possible for students to automatically hand in submissions by pushing to GitHub or GitLab. Each student gets a unique URL, SSH public key and secret which can be used to configure a deploy key and webhook.
  • Add AutoTest output directory: AutoTest scripts can now write files to the $AT_OUTPUT directory. Files written to this directory are synced with CodeGrade and can be viewed in the Code Viewer.
  • Make it possible to check plagiarism in Jupyter Notebooks.
  • AutoTest Best Practices in docs.
  • Other improvements

  • Add year to old assignments dropdown.
  • Add option to hide inline feedback.
  • Hide hidden fixtures from students.
  • Improve the first render speed for AutoTest.
  • Fix giving feedback on PDF files in edge.
  • Fix incorrect late submission clock.
  • Fix race condition filling in rubric with AutoTest.
  • Fix getting latest submissions in combination with groups.
  • Fix typo for max time command in front-end.
  • Fix permissions fixtures directory.
  • Fix IO substep timers.
  • Fix feedback area author width.
  • Reduce amount of requests when loading plagiarism runner.
  • Only open the feedback area on a left click in the code viewer.
  • Cache code in the frontend.
  • Don’t show AutoTest popover on page load.
  • Stop loading the rubric and graders twice on the management page.
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