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January 30, 2020

Version 1.19.0 (Knoet.2)

You can now add Continuous Rubric Categories, which can score anywhere on a continuous scale and work great with AutoTest. You can also now set student submission limits and a cool off period.

  • Continuous rubric categories: this new type of rubric category can be used to give points anywhere on a scale from 0 to a configurable amount of points. This behavior maps better to certain types of AutoTest categories, such as categories containing only “capture points”
  • steps. Rubrics can contain a mix of discrete and continuous categories and both can still be used for AutoTest.
  • Make it possible to limit the amount of submissions: the amount of submissions can be limited in two ways:
  1. A maximum total amount of submissions for an assignment.
  2. A cool-off period: an amount of time a student must wait before they can submit again.
  • Separate feedback permissions: the can_see_grade_before_done permission was used for all types of feedback students would get. New can_see_user_feedback_before_done and can_see_linter_feedback_before_done permissions make it possible to show these types of feedback before an assignment is set to done while still hiding others.

Other improvements

  • Add warning when creating a wrong external tool link in Canvas: Canvas has multiple ways to integrate external tools, some of which leave CodeGrade unable to communicate correctly with it. This update displays a message when this happens.
  • Use the most privileged LTI role available.
  • Fix float matching for AutoTest capture points test.

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