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March 9, 2019

Version 1.3.29 (Izanami.1)

Along with many UI improvements and bug fixes, you can connect grading divisions between assignments and import rubrics from previous assignments.

  • Make it possible to connect assignment divisions: This makes it possible to have the same TAs grade the same students over the duration of the entire course.
  • Make it possible to import rubrics from other assignments.
  • Improve UI/UX for running linters: Logs of the linter runs on the individual submissions can now be viewed.
  • Enable use of multiple LTI providers: Soon we will be able to connect with Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, and others!
  • Make it possible to resize the filetree.
  • Other improvements

  • Make it impossible to list all users on the system by searching: All users on the system could be listed by almost anyone.
  • Confirm clearing a rubric: Instead of requiring the user to click the submit button for the grade to reset a rubric, the new submit button confirmation popover is used to confirm the action.
  • Rewrite SubmitButton component: Buttons will not change size anymore, and when an error occurs the button will wait for the user to close the message, instead of the error message disappearing after a few seconds, not giving the user a chance to read the entire thing.
  • Change sidebar login icon: The icon was ugly and its meaning not very obvious.
  • Add button to open in new tab in LTI: It was unclear that the logo in the sidebar would open CodeGrade in a new tab, so an extra button has been added.
  • Remove show password button: The button on the right side of the password inputs has been removed, as it is not very useful.
  • Show progress for plagiarism runs: Plagiarism runs could take quite some time but didn’t show the progress until they quit successfully or crashed.
  • Make it possible to search the homegrid.
  • Make it possible to download the plagiarism log.
  • Add warning on permission management page: When permissions are changed it shows a notification that the page must be reloaded for the changes to take effect.
  • Add a release notifier on the home grid: Whenever a new version of CodeGrade is installed, a notification will be shown on the home page with a link to this changelog.
  • Add formatted_deadline property to the course store for assignments.
  • Make sure permissions are removed on logout.
  • Add smaller logo on standalone pages.
  • Make sure only plagiarism runs which have finished can be viewed.
  • Make sure password reset works and logs in user.
  • Make sure error message is correct when empty archive is uploaded.
  • Make sure we don’t mutate store objects in the rubric editor.
  • Make sure order of submissions is stable.
  • Fix large amount of trailing zeros in the rubric viewer.
  • Prevent error in console when not logged in on page load.
  • Make sure 500 never occur because of __maybe_add_warning function.
  • Merge the loaders of the plagiarism runner.
  • Fix bug when reloading assignments on submission page.
  • Add link to about us page in the footer.
  • Clearer plagiarism similarity placeholder.
  • Reserve some extra special filenames.
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