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April 4, 2019

Version 1.6.6 (Izanami.2)

You can now set up detailed hand-in requirements for your students, create course snippets and the submission page is easier to and has more information (including the possibility to upload multiple files).

  • Add a new version of the ignore file: this makes it possible to set detail hand-in requirements for students.
  • Allow uploading multiple files:
  • students can now upload multiple files and archives.
  • Add course snippets:
  • course snippets are shared between all teachers and ta’s of a course.
  • Add Moodle support: full LTI integration with Moodle.
  • Add Blackboard support: full LTI integration with Blackboard.
  • Enhance documentation:
  • better documentation which includes user guides.
  • Rewrite submission list page header: more information, including a better visible rubric for students.
  • Other improvements

  • Edit snippets in modal: a better UI for adding snippets.
  • Add border when CodeGrade is loaded in an iframe in Canvas: this makes it more clear where CodeGrade begins and Canvas ends.
  • White background for sidebar when not in dark theme: this makes the light mode more beautiful.
  • Improve the way rubric maximum points are presented: added warnings and improved the UI, so the feature is not misused.
  • Make it possible to filter submissions by member of the group.
  • Increase the default value used for minimal similarity for jplag:
  • changed it from 25 to 50, making sure users don’t get too much cases by default.
  • Add multiple file uploader to documentation.
  • Update documentation to apply to new snippet management UI.
  • Improve filtering the course users:
  • increased the efficiency of the filtering.
  • Make sure duplicate filenames are detected and renamed.
  • Show when user has no snippets.
  • Set default deadline time to 23:59.
  • Fix new tab button position in sidebar.
  • Fix home page logo position.
  • Fix header text color in dark theme.
  • Fix file tree resizer z-index.
  • Rename “Old password” to “Current password”.
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