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August 14, 2019

Version 1.9.0 (JungleJoy.1)

You can now make sure students get near instant automatic feedback using our new extension of AutoTest called Continuous Feedback. To better present this feedback to students, we have redesigned the entire submission page to be more intuitive.

  • Rewrite submission page: make overview page obsolete and allow easier access to AutoTest results and feedback.
  • Add initial implementation for Continuous Feedback: with Continuous Feedback, students receive near instant automatic feedback on every submission they hand in.
  • Add Scala as plagiarism option.
  • Other improvements

    • Add all_whitespace option to IO test: add new option to IO tests to ignore all whitespace when comparing.
    • Update stop points to percentages: to better work together with possible disabled tests in Continuous Feedback, all stop or check points now work with percentages instead of points. (not backwards compatible!!)

    WARNING: Update is not backwards compatible. Previous stop / check points break if not updated to percentages.

  • Improve plagiarism export: fix non-escaped underscores and add option to output each listing on new page.
  • Change text on ‘delete files’ button when handing in.
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