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March 16, 2020

Version Knoet.3

You can now render HTML pages submitted by students right inside CodeGrade, allowing you to preview webpages or test Javascript more easily than ever.

  • Make it possible to render html pages: It is now possible to render HTML pages inside CodeGrade.
  • Make the HomeGrid easier and faster to use: We now sort the courses on the HomeGrid based on the creation date of the courses, and courses with duplicate names can now be more easily identified as the creation date of the course will be appended to the name.
  • Other improvements

  • Upgrade bootstrap-vue.
  • Show confirmation when rubric has rows without item with 0 points.
  • Update threshold when relative time starts using days.
  • Disable plagiarism export button when no cases selected.
  • Give a better indication when an AutoTest step is hidden.
  • Various performance improvements: We’ve increased performance of various API routes, and added pagination and infinite scrollers to the HomeGrid, Submissions list and users manager to improve the first render speed.
  • Start using timezones everywhere when dealing with datetimes.
  • Do not discard changed rubric viewer when saving general feedback: The previous version contained a bug that when you saved the general feedback while you had a changed rubric the changes in the rubric were discarded.
  • Fix downloading submissions with reserved chars in their name.
  • Fix student count in submission list.
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