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April 15, 2020

Version LowVoltage

You can now view assignment statistics on the Analytics Dashboard, giving you insight into student performance. Students can now also comment on their own code, and they can reply to comments placed by teachers.

  • Analytics dashboard. The analytics dashboard is a new page with various statistics about an assignment. It gives teachers insights in how students are performing on the assignment and where the assignment may be improved.
  • Inline feedback replies. It is now possible to reply to inline feedback, which makes distance learning easier to do with CodeGrade. This update also adds markdown formatting to inline feedback, and notifies you when you have received new replies.
  • Contact student button. This makes it possible for teachers to send emails to students of a submission, or to multiple students in a course.
  • Other improvements

  • Make usernames case insensitive. This reduces ambiguity in which user you are dealing with, as well as making it easier to login because you do not have to remember if you used an uppercase or not when you registered.
  • Various internal improvements. This makes it easier to improve CodeGrade in the future.
  • Plagiarism support for newer versions of Java. You can now use the Plagiarism checker for newer versions of Java.
  • Make sure that empty markdown files show a useful error.
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