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June 10, 2020

Version LowVoltage.1

With our new Feedback Sidebar, you can now view all previous feedback from a student in the course, while grading the current submission. It is now also possible to get submission metadata in AutoTest, for instance to automate late day penalties. Finally, we have upgraded CodeGrade to the newest version of LTI: LTI 1.3 Advantage!

  • Course feedback. Adds an overview of all the feedback a student received over an entire course. Teachers have access to this overview on the submission page in the same location as the file tree. For students there is an extra button on the submissions page.
  • Improve plagiarism document rendering. Matching blocks of code can now be rendered side by side, the amount of context lines before and after each match is configurable, and it is possible to export to a docx file.
  • Add LTI 1.3 implementation. This makes the integration in the LMS even better, allowing better workflows for group assignments and easier assignment creation.
  • Include submission information in AutoTest environment. Some information about a submission is now available in AutoTest as a JSON object that is stored in an environment variables. This is useful to automatically subtract points based on the submission date and deadline, or to generate a unique input for each submission or student.
  • Other improvements

  • Fix AutoTest result being in state “done” while it has steps that are in state “waiting to be started”
  • Remove “Add filter” button from analytics dashboard.
  • The button was confusing when splitting a filter, and since there already is another button to add new filters we removed it.
  • Fix notification sorting order. Unread notifications are now always sorted before read notifications.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.
  • Use Bootstrap-Vue toasts instead of vue-toasted,
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