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October 22, 2020

Version Mosaic.2

The Rubric Editor has a new design, which allows you to reorder categories and use markdown. The new Code Quality step in AutoTest allows you to grade and add inline comments to submissions based on code style. This will replace the current Linters integration.

  • Rubric improvements. The rubric editor had a makeover: you can now view multiple categories at the same time, it is possible to reorder categories, and you can use markdown in both the category and item descriptions.
  • AutoTest Code Quality comments. AutoTest has a new step type designed for linters. You can now place line comments within AutoTest and deduct points based on the amount of lines. We’ve integrated some popular linters, but it is also possible to create your own custom linters.
  • Other improvements

  • Expand inline links in markdown viewer. When you use http or https URLs in your markdown feedback, they are automatically turned into clickable links.
  • It is no longer possible for students to edit their submissions in the filesystem. Students are now no longer allowed to edit their submissions using the CodeGrade filesystem. We can now guarantee that the student revision of a submission never changes.
  • The API documentation has been revamped. This makes it easier for to start using our API. Please note that we haven’t migrated all routes just yet, if you are missing a route please let us know!
  • The Jupyter Notebook viewer now supports more output types and colors. If a Jupyter Notebook contains ANSI colored output we will display these colors in all their glory.
  • When hiding inline feedback this setting is now saved when switching files. When you hide inline feedback using the preference settings on the submission page,
  • this is now saved when switching between files and submissions.
  • UI Deprecations

    • The linters integration has been deprecated. The new AutoTest Quality Comments bring all the advantages, and also allow you to give a grade based on the output of the linter.

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