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December 23, 2020

Version Nobel

  • Add a limit to the maximum amount of plagiarism cases a single run can generate.
  • Improve error messages when the server is overloaded.
  • Other improvements

    Never hyphenate code. When wrapping lines it could happen that code was hyphenated in the Code Viewer.

    API Removals

    • The option to get an entire course when getting an assignment has been removed. You should now request the course using the /api/v1/courses/<course_id> route go retrieve this course. The course_id is given when requesting an assignment.
    • A plagiarism cases will no longer contain the two linked assignments. They do contain the two linked assignment ids (under the assignment_ids key), and the plagiarism run contains a lookup from assignment id to an assignment like object.
    • When requesting all courses using the /api/v1/courses/ route we will no longer provide the name of the role that the current user has in this course. Please either use the /api/v1/permissions/ route to retrieve your own permissions, or the /api/v1/courses/<course_id>/users/ to retrieve the role of a user.

    UI Removals

    • Linters have been moved to AutoTest (AutoTest Quality Comments). The new integration allows for more flexibility and grading based on linter output.

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