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March 9, 2021

Version Nobel.2

This release makes it easier to allow late submissions using the lock date, making it possible to allow late submissions up to a certain date. We’ve also updated various software packages in AutoTest, and made it easier to use the CG_INFO information.

  • We now publish a library to consume our API, check it out on PyPi.
  • Next to the original hard deadline, you can now also add a “lock date” after this, allowing you to make the deadline “soft”.
  • We’ve added a utils module within AutoTest (cg_at_utils). Using the CG_INFO data is now as easy as doing from cg_at_utils import CG_INFO.
  • Other improvements

  • Fixed a rare bug where LTI 1.1 passback would fail if we encountered a redirect.
  • Added a workaround for a Canvas LTI 1.3 grade passback bug.
  • Fixed blockquotes in the markdown input fields.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AutoTest description templates to not be copied when importing an AutoTest.
  • Added support for the Populi LMS.
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