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July 1, 2021

Version Orchid.1

This release introduces anonymous grading, which hides the student name for teachers while grading. Besides that, you can now also copy entire courses and assignments and we have improved the submissions list with more information.

  • It is now possible to copy complete assignments and courses. For supported learning management systems this is also done automatically if you copy the course or assignment in your LMS.
  • Added the option for teachers to do anonymous grading. With anonymous grading the names of the students and groups are hidden. This makes it possible to prevent the effects of any unconscious biases that a grader might have.
  • It is now possible to add comments to empty files and to files that cannot be rendered, for example because they contain binary data or because they have a .jpg extension but do not contain valid JPEG data.
  • Added information about manual rubric categories to the submissions list. You can now see how much of the rubric you have filled in for each submission in the submissions list. This makes it easier to determine which submissions still require manual grading, and which are done.
  • Other improvements

  • Added ReSharper to the list of supported linters. It is now even easier to lint C# code as part of your AutoTest config.
  • It is now possible to have AutoTest steps with a weight of 0. This makes it possible to have a steps that are only used for their side effects (e.g. compiling).
  • It is no longer possible to have AutoTest checkpoints as the first or last step in an AutoTest category. These checkpoints did not really serve a purpose (either they would always pass or have no influence) and could confuse students.
  • It is now possible for students to see peer feedback before the assignment is in the "done" state. Users with the can_see_peer_feedback_before_done are allowed to see peer feedback when the assignment is not done. Users with the can_see_user_feedback_before_done are no longer allowed to see peer feedback when the assignment is not "done", all users which had this permission do now also have the can_see_peer_feedback_before_done permission.
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