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October 8, 2021

Version PerfectlyNormal

We've redesigned our dark mode for this release, making it both prettier and easier on the eyes! But that's not all, it is now also possible to grade submissions in percentages.

  • We've entirely redesigned our dark theme. It's now easier on the eyes, and prettier too!
  • You can now also grade assignments based on a percentage instead of only on a 10-points scale.
  • It is now possible to export all submissions without using our custom file system.
  • Other improvements

  • When a test fails to compile with cg-jest the compilation error is now shown in the errors tab.
  • It is now possible to increase the size of CodeGrade within LTI for some learning management systems. Please contact support for more information.
  • We made it easier to create new group sets. You can now create and edit them while staying on the manage assignment page
  • As always we fixed some bugs, and improved performance.
  • API Changes

    As this is a major release some API routes have been changed and are not backwards compatible.

    • The API introduced last release to retrieve GitHub and Gitlab repositories (GET:/git_providers/<uuid:provider_id>/tokens/<uuid:token_id>/repositories/) now no longer returns an array, nor does it use page pagination. It now returns a GitRepositoriesPage object, which contains the data (under the key data) and a cursor (under the key cursor) that can be used to retrieve the next page.
    • All routes that upload files to later be downloaded using the GET:/api/v1/files/ method have been changed. They now all return a MirrorFileResult object. For the documented API this change is backwards compatible, but for some undocumented routes the change is backwards incompatible.
    • The undocumented route to export the metadata of an assignment has been changed. It now no longer returns the CSV directly but returns the representation of a background job that will export the assignment.

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