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December 23, 2021

Version PerfectlyNormal.2

This release improves our peer feedback feature: it is now possible to let groups peer review other groups. Happy new year from all of us at CodeGrade!

  • Peer feedback has been made compatible with group assignments. You can now enable both to let groups review other groups.
  • It is now possible to allow peer reviewers to see the AutoTest results of the subjects they are reviewing.
  • Other improvements

  • We've improved the performance of many API routes and optimized the way we send static assets. This should result in an even snappier CodeGrade experience.
  • Deleting submissions will now no longer redirect you to the submissions overview page, but instead will redirect to another submission of the same user.
  • It is now possible to hide only peer feedback or non peer feedback inline comments.
  • See how CodeGrade can transform your courses today!