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February 17, 2022

Version PerfectlyNormal.3

This release allows you to personalize CodeGrade even more: Dark Mode can now be toggled automatically and you can select your default Submission Page tab. Additionally, we added many of your small feature request to make your experience even better!

  • It is now possible to select which tab on the submission page is loaded by default. This allows you to optimize your manual grading workflow even more!
  • We've made some more improvements to our dark mode. It is now possible to switch to dark mode automatically, and your preferences will be synced between sessions now. On Mac this allows you to use CodeGrade's dark mode automatically at night!
  • Other improvements

  • Users with the new "Upload without group" permission can upload to group assignments even if they are not in a group, or in a group with an insufficient amount of members.
  • New users that register are no longer allowed to have whitespace as leading or trailing characters in their username. This change has no effect on existing users.
  • The email received after paying for CodeGrade now contains more information about the account that paid.
  • The deadline for peer feedback is now communicated more clearly to students.
  • It is now possible to start multiple plagiarism runs with identical configurations.
  • As always we have improved the performance on CodeGrade. The app should now load faster, especially on slower connections.
  • A bug has been fixed that made it impossible to check if the manual git setup was correct has been fixed. This bug had no effect on the actual setting up.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause non saved changes in the hand-in requirements to be reverted when changing other settings on the manage assignment page.
  • For some Learning Management Systems it could happen that the "In LMS" check for the grade history was not checked, even though the grade was passed back successfully.
  • We fixed a bug that made it possible to submit invalid regexps for IO tests.

    API Changes
  • Grade history items will no longer have a negative grade on deletion, but instead will pass the grade as None. It was already indicated in the API that this field was nullable.
  • The type for "feedback" field in the WeakPasswordException has been fixed. It was incorrectly indicated that this was a string, however this is (and has always been) an object with a key "warning" and "suggestions".
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