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Happy educators.

CodeGrade has helped many coding bootcamps scale up their high quality coding education with our innovative tools.

Read how teachers like Dr. Luis de la Fuente Valentín from International University of La Rioja save time, save money and improve learning outcomes.
Dr. Luis de la Fuente Valentín
Dr. Luis de la Fuente Valentín
Designed a new fully-autograded autonomous Python Programming MOOC for UNIR

UNIR is the largest Spanish-speaking private online university with offices all over the globe. Together with CodeGrade, Dr. Luis de la Fuente Valentin designed a free MOOC Python Programming course without any teachers or TAs. With CodeGrade, UNIR could provide high quality personal feedback on code automatically. The result: high student satisfaction and performance at extremely low costs.

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"CodeGrade provides fully autograded assignments with good feedback to our students that satisfies our high requirements for user experience!"
Dr. Luis de la Fuente Valentín
Assistant Professor

Future-proof coding bootcamps

  • Scale up your classroom with confidence

    CodeGrade's autograder is highly flexible, efficient and supports any programming language or framework. It will do all the dirty work for you. Be confident about scaling up your coding courses while maintaining high quality education, without having to hire.

  • Let your students write code in an online IDE

    Eliminate problems with students' devices or the hassle of setting up programming environments with CodeGrade's integrated collaborative online IDE that allows your students to write code in any programming language directly in their browser or LMS without any setup!

  • State of the art tool set

    Maintain academic integrity using CodeGrade's code plagiarism checker, turn on our powerful peer feedback grading system and get insightful analytics. Also, CodeGrade connects with anything: from GitHub and GitLab to your custom learning environment.

Teach any programming language!

CodeGrade is compatible with 180+ programming languages and any framework. From the basic Java and Python courses, to Tensorflow machine learning, to Web Development using Flask or Django, to Data Science in R.

Our guarantee: happy teachers

CodeGrade is your virtual teaching assistant for code bootcamps. You teach, CodeGrade takes care of the rest.

Whether you teach Introduction to Python, Object Oriented Programming in Java, Data Structures, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, UX/UI Design, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or any other coding and software development course.

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