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“The kids seem to love me, they want me to teach all the coding classes. I am glad that they like me, but I think a lot of it has more to do with CodeGrade.”
John Newsom
University of Texas at San Antonio

All Haskell assignments can be auto graded.

  • Easy to set up functionality checking
    Use built in Input/Output tests and unit testing with any unit testing framework like Tasty or Quickcheck, HUnit or HSpec, or run any custom grading script you already have on our autograder.
  • Flexible autograder that supports everything
    CodeGrade works with any industry standard static code analysis tool or linter. From HLint, Stan and Semgrep, to HPC and threadscope.
  • Works with any framework or library
    CodeGrade supports any Haskell version, Haskell REPL using ghci and all Haskell's libraries. Compile using GHC, UHC or LHC.
  • Click here to read more about our Haskell autograder.

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How we make teachers happy

CodeGrade is your virtual teaching assistant for your Haskell classroom. You teach, CodeGrade takes care of the rest.

Educators use CodeGrade for courses like Introduction to Haskell Programming, Functional Programming, Programming Paradigms, Data Science, Security, Data Analysis, or Software Development courses.

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Happy educators

  • Haskell educators who use CodeGrade have less stress.
  • Haskell educators who use CodeGrade have happier and more successful students.
  • Haskell educators who use CodeGrade have a simpler teaching workflow.

Teach another programming language?

CodeGrade is compatible with 180+ programming languages and any framework. From the basic Java and Python courses, to Tensorflow machine learning, to Web Development using Flask or Django, to Data Science in R.

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