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  • Flexible autograder that is compatible with any language, tool or package
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Happy educators.

CodeGrade has helped the world's leading enterprises, like D-Wave Systems, provide flexible and effective coding and computing training. From Quantum Computing at D-Wave to simple introduction to Python courses.

Read how teachers like Chip Anderson from Lake Washington Institute of Technology save time, save money and improve learning outcomes.
Chip Anderson
Chip Anderson
Tech Entrepeneur and Adjunct Professor at Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Chip Anderson is tech entrepreneur and knows how important it is to teach coding in a practical and effective way. As adjunct professor at LWTech, he introduced his students to CodeGrade. With CodeGrade, his students have become more successful programmers and reduced Chip's grading time while improving feedback and student performance.

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“CodeGrade has greatly reduced the time to give feedback and has given me many more options to improve the quality of my assignments as a whole.”
Chip Anderson
Adjunct Professor

Effective coding training for enterprises

  • Compatible with your product

    CodeGrade's autograder is highly flexible, efficient and supports any programming language or framework. It will also integrate with your products, internal software and scripts. In short: it will do all the dirty work for you. Integrate CodeGrade in your workflow via LTI or our extensive API.

  • Code training with confidence

    Be confident about scaling up your internal training program or product training program while maintaining high quality education, without having to hire. CodeGrade is your virtual assistant to improve code literacy among employees.

  • Teach basic code literacy out of the box

    Just want to improve basic code literacy among your employees? CodeGrade ships with 40+ pre-configured fully automatically graded Python assignments that are used by top universities.

Teach any programming language!

CodeGrade is compatible with 180+ programming languages and any framework. From the basic Java and Python courses, to Tensorflow machine learning, to Web Development using Flask or Django, to Data Science in R.

Our guarantee: happy teachers

CodeGrade is your virtual teaching assistant for enterprises. You teach, CodeGrade takes care of the rest.

Whether you teach Introduction to Programming, Code Literacy, Introduction to Python, Introduction to Java, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, UX/UI Design or any other coding and software development course..

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