Webinar: How to automatically grade Python and Jupyter Notebook assignments

Learn how you can autograde Python code and Jupyter Notebooks for your computer science assignments quickly and effectively

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Could Natural Language Programming change the future of coding for the better?

We can all agree, coding is hard. But, imagine if one tool could simplify the process? In this blog, Sam discusses OpenAI Codex, a platform that translates natural language into code, using AI. Could this be the start of a new era of coding?

Do you know the 3 types of coders and their needs?

Learn how to identify the three types of coders: students coding to understand, students coding as a skill and those learning coding as a career. We also explain the needs of these groups and how you can best tailor your code classroom to them.

Computer Science is growing - support tools can help

Computer Science courses are growing each year, leaving teachers with more and more work to grade all coursework. Learn how Alex from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas used an autograder to grow his classroom without compromise.

Which programming language should you teach first?

It is the question each CS teacher will come across: which programming language should I teach first? In this article we discuss how you can best choose a programming language (from Python and Java, to Haskell, C# and JavaScript) and programming paradigm to teach in your intro coding classroom!

How better feedback will prepare the tech talent of the future

In this literature research, you learn why students in Computer Science education and coding classes perform worse on average and how you can prevent that in your programming classroom!

Better Data Science assignments with AutoTest Caching in CodeGrade

Learn how to overcome common challenges with autograding Data Science assignments using CodeGrade's new AutoTest Caching.

How to check for plagiarism in Java source code

Learn how to detect plagiarism in Java code using CodeGrade's plagiarism detector!

How the University of Amsterdam automatically grades 7 different programming languages in one course

Increase the feedback loop for code assignments for any programming language to achieve outstanding results.

Instant feedback on students’ code in Blackboard

Learn how to automate grading and provide instant feedback on programming assignments in Blackboard.

Creating an award nominated Java programming course at the University of Edinburgh

Optimize your formative assessment using CodeGrade to dramatically improve your student performance.

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