Webinar: How to automatically grade Python and Jupyter Notebook assignments

Learn how you can autograde Python code and Jupyter Notebooks for your computer science assignments quickly and effectively

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Post-Mortem AutoTest incident 21 April 2022

CodeGrade unfortunately experiences temporary downtime on 21 April 2022. We'd like to update you on the cause, results for you and our efforts to prevent this in the future in this post-mortem.

CodeGrade at SIGCSE 2022!

Here is our agenda for the Technical Symposium of Computer Science Education 2022. We are excited to meet you all in person and virtually!

CodeGrade at SIGCSE 2022!

Webinar: Getting Started for the new Academic Year

Learn everything to get started with CodeGrade's autograder for Python and Java the new academic year!

Announcing the Discord CodeGrade Community

We are proud to announce our new Discord CodeGrade Community, going live today, a new platform to discuss Computer Science Education and coding assessment.

CodeGrade Silver Supporter at SIGCSE 2021

CodeGrade is sponsoring SIGCSE 2021 to promote effective and easy autograding for computer science education

CodeGrade Silver Supporter at SIGCSE 2021

Watch CodeGrade Talks from D2L Fusion 2020!

Learn more about CodeGrade for Brightspace. Watch CodeGrade's talks from the D2L Fusion 2020 conference on demand now!

CodeGrade at CanvasCon Online 2020

Join CodeGrade for the Instructure CanvasCon Online 2020 conference!

CodeGrade at CanvasCon Online 2020

CodeGrade at D2L Fusion 2020

Join CodeGrade for the Brightspace D2L Fusion 2020 conference!

CodeGrade at D2L Fusion 2020

CodeGrade becomes official D2L Brightspace partner

CodeGrade becomes an official D2L Brightspace partner, as part of our efforts to promote and facilitate high quality computing education worldwide.

CodeGrade free for all affected institutions in response to COVID-19

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, CodeGrade now offers its services for free to help out affected schools and universities.

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