CodeGrade's new innovation in automatically grading code for computer science education: AutoTest V2!
February 23, 2023

We just launched our new Autograder!

In 30 seconds...

It’s finally here! Over the past year, the team here at CodeGrade has been working tirelessly to create a brand new autograding infrastructure, AutoTest V2. This total redesign was inspired by teacher feedback, with the goal of making autograding even more powerful and intuitive. 

This release was accompanied by a webinar hosted by CEO, Youri Voet. You can find a summary of this webinar below or read on for the written summary.

AutoTest V2 makes coding easier for students. This simplified interface allows your students to focus on the task at hand. After handing in their code, they see the tests that teachers have created and whether or not they have passed them. It is even possible to designate certain tests to run inside the editor, allowing students to run their code before submitting it. This seamless workflow integrates smoothly within your LMS, transforming it into an IDE. Another great benefit for students is the reduced start-up time, now less than 1 second! 

CodeGrade's new editor with instant run button!

For teachers, AutoTest V2 offers a more intuitive setup. The teacher interface has changed to a block-based system which is incredibly versatile. Whereas AutoTest V1 required teachers to write code, AutoTest V2 now allows for a drag-and-drop system to create autograder configurations. Of course, if you prefer to write all code yourself that is still possible! Adding tests and testing those tests has never been easier. Not only this, it is significantly faster. Latency to run is now less than 150 milliseconds and everything autosaves!

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Overall, AutoTest V2 offers a faster, more intuitive, and more powerful autograding infrastructure to streamline assignments, from Intro to Python to advanced programming courses in ANY programming language or with any framework.

Lastly, we want to say a huge thank you to all CodeGrade users for their feedback and support. Without it, AutoTest V2 would not exist! We hope to continue supporting educators around the world. 

More resources

If you want to use AutoTest V2 in your course, contact for a personalized onboarding.

We will soon be releasing updates to our Help Center and additional blogs, as more additions to AutoTest V2 are in the works! You may already find our Java and Python guides here:

Devin Hillenius

Devin Hillenius

Co-founder, Product Expert
Devin is co-founder and Product Expert at CodeGrade. During his studies Computer Science and work as a TA at the University of Amsterdam, he developed CodeGrade together with his co-founders to make their life easier. Devin supports instructors with their programming courses, focusing on both their pedagogical needs and innovative technical possibilities. He also hosts CodeGrade's monthly webinar.

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The next step in autograding code

CodeGrade is launching its best and most effective autograder for code: AutoTest V2. Learn more about the pedagogical benefits for students and workload decrease for CS education teachers in this blog!

The next step in autograding code

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