Partnership between CodeGrade and Pearson
March 28, 2024

CodeGrade Announces Partnership with Pearson to Transform Coding Education

CodeGrade, a leading online learning platform for programming courses, today announced a partnership with Pearson to deliver an enhanced technology for educators to better serve students. CodeGrade will supply programming instructors on Pearson’s Revel interactive learning platform with pre-built interactive coding assignments, streamlining and elevating the learning experience.

“For years, CodeGrade has been dedicated to transforming how programming is taught and learned. By integrating our interactive coding assignments into Pearson's programming courses, we are setting a new standard for what is possible in this discipline. We are excited to see how this partnership will empower educators and inspire students to reach new heights in their learning adventures.” says Youri Voet, CEO at CodeGrade.

“Pearson is committed to creating the best teaching and learning experiences in the industry.  We’re excited to work with CodeGrade and confident this partnership will improve our product offering and benefit our programming instructors and students,” says Anne Fahlgren, General Manager of Pearson’s Higher Education Professional portfolio.

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • New versions of Pearson’s Introduction to Programming courses with 100% auto-graded coding exercises and projects powered by CodeGrade.
  • Providing learners with an interactive and diverse coding experience.
  • Presenting a range of coding tasks, including quizzes and projects, that will be met with instant feedback.
  • Contributing to pioneering approaches in coding pedagogy, enabling learners from diverse learning backgrounds to excel.

About CodeGrade

CodeGrade was founded in 2018 by four computer science students who recognized the need for transformative changes in coding education. Its comprehensive platform fosters an interactive and feedback-rich coding environment for learners and provides tools for automated and manual grading of programming assignments for educators. With over 100 academic partners today, the company is dedicated to making coding education accessible to all.

About Pearson

At Pearson, our purpose is simple: to add life to a lifetime of learning. We believe that every learning opportunity is a chance for a personal breakthrough. That's why our c. 18,000 Pearson employees are committed to creating vibrant and enriching learning experiences designed for real-life impact. We are the world's leading learning company, serving customers in nearly 200 countries with digital content, assessments, qualifications, and data. For us, learning isn't just what we do. It's who we are. Visit us at

Youri Voet

Youri Voet

Co-founder and CEO
Youri recognizes the crucial need for a platform uniting educators and students in coding education and has made it his mission to bridge that gap. He is down-to-earth, relishes culinary experiments and indulging in reality TV.

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Coding Quizzes are here!

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