CodeGrade booth at Anthology Together 2024 in Orlando, showcasing innovative educational tools including dynamic quizzes, instant feedback, and advanced plagiarism detection.
June 28, 2024

CodeGrade at Anthology Together 2024!

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Join us at Anthology Together 2024 in Orlando from July 15th to 17th!

Swing by Booth 304 to say hello and pick up some merch.

We are excited to announce that CodeGrade will be participating in Anthology Together 2024, held from July 15th to 17th in sunny Orlando, Florida. This annual conference unites educators and technologists committed to shaping the future of education through innovation and collaboration.

Make sure to stop by our Booth 304, where we will be showcasing how CodeGrade can elevate your teaching and learning experiences. Our platform offers a range of powerful features designed to streamline the educational process and enhance student engagement.

Discover how dynamic quizzes can boost student interaction with engaging and interactive content. Experience the convenience of instant feedback and automated grading, saving valuable time for educators while providing students with immediate insights. Additionally, learn how our advanced plagiarism detection tools can help maintain academic integrity and ensure the originality of student work.

In addition to learning about these transformative tools, don't miss the chance to grab some exclusive swag and goodie bags at our booth!

We look forward to connecting with educators, sharing insights, and demonstrating how CodeGrade can support your educational goals. Join us at Anthology Together 2024 and let's create a brighter future for education together!

Can't make it in person? Talk to us online to innovate your coding course!
Evie Christopher

Evie Christopher

Head of Growth
Meet Evie, the powerhouse driving our business development. When she's not showcasing CodeGrade's top-notch quality to universities, she's keeping up with the latest Reality TV gossip.

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