A Computer Science webinar / seminar on ChatGPT in coding assignments
May 8, 2023

Join our webinar on ChatGPT in Coding Education!

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Join CodeGrade’s CEO, Youri Voet, for a discussion on the impact of ChatGPT on computer science education. Learn how to make ChatGPT-proof coding assignments, teach AI literacy and how to use ChatGPT to set up automatic testing for your coding assignments.

Join CodeGrade’s CEO, Youri Voet, for a webinar on the impact of ChatGPT on computer science education. ChatGPT and other AI assistants help students easily generate code. Naturally, this has disrupted education and caused great challenges for academic integrity.

In this webinar, Youri will explain how tools like ChatGPT and other AI coding assistants work and what their effects and impacts are on CS education. After that, you will learn how you can set up ChatGPT-proof coding assignments (both with and without a tool like CodeGrade) and get some suggestions for resources to teach AI literacy to students. Finally, you will get some practical tips on how you can incorporate ChatGPT in your own teaching and grading workflow.

After this webinar, we hope to have inspired you to work with instead of against ChatGPT in your coding classes. You’ll understand why autograding is important to create ChatGPT-proof assignments but also know that ChatGPT can help you set up autograding very quickly. To give you a head start: we will share some free ChatGPT resources from CodeGrade and other domain experts! Register for the event now:

Devin Hillenius

Devin Hillenius


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