March 12, 2024

Trail Blazing at SIGCSE 2024!

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  • CodeGrade is heading to SIGCSE 2024 in Portland Oregon from 20-23 March.
  • Find CodeGrade at booth # 202 and say hello!
  • Learn more about our free ebook on increasing engagement for your programming course.

We're excited to meet and catch up with many of you in person at this year's technical symposium, taking place at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Stop by our booth number 202, and say hello to Thomas, Lena, and Youri! While you are there, get a sneak peek of our interactive Coding Quizzes feature.

Thomas, Lena, and Youri
Not at SIGCSE 2024 but still want to see CodeGrade in action?

We will also provide our new free ebook which offers valuable tips and tricks for educators teaching introductory programming courses. If you're keen to dive into the ebook right away, you can find it below!

Get your free ebook to boost engagement in your programming courses here!

For those joining the conference remotely, stay in the loop by following our LinkedIn page, and don't forget to mark your calendars for our live launch event on Wednesday April 3rd, 10 AM - 11 AM EST, where we'll showcase our new interactive Coding Quiz feature.

Join our interactive Coding Quizzes launch event here!

We look forward to more conversations during SIGCSE, and, as always, happy coding to you and your learners! ūüź•

Kendra Hare

Kendra Hare

Marketing Specialist
Meet Kendra, a whiskey and coffee aficionado, whose rich background in higher education infuses a unique blend of experiences and perspectives. As our marketing specialist, she ensures CodeGrade's mission reaches and impacts a wide audience.

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Coding Quizzes are here!

Discover the latest addition to CodeGrade: coding quizzes! Elevate your learning experience with dynamic assessments seamlessly integrated with AutoTest V2. Engaging, clear, and user-friendly. Learn more now!

Coding Quizzes are here!

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