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Teach more in less time
With CodeGrade you save time teaching and grading while improving feedback quality.
Improve learning for your students
CodeGrade increases student satisfaction and learning outcomes.
Simplify your teaching workflow
CodeGrade takes care of all your coding assessment needs in one platform.

Support for any programming language

CodeGrade is compatible with 180+ programming languages and any framework. From the basic Java and Python courses, to Tensorflow machine learning, to Web Development using Flask or Django, to Data Science in R.

For who?

Middle Schools and High Schools
For schools teaching CS, CodeGrade comes with built-in content.
BSc and MSc Computer Science
Computer Science departments use CodeGrade to scale classes and improve learning outcomes.
University coding courses
Outside of CS, many colleges offer coding courses, often asynchronously. From data science to business analytics, CodeGrade is a great fit.
Coding bootcamps
Auto-assisted learning is essential to scale coding bootcamps, CodeGrade makes this possible.
Community colleges
More and more community colleges are offering programming courses, CodeGrade helps them teach without needing a lot of resources.
To improve coding literacy among employees, companies work with CodeGrade to provide coding courses.

How It Works

Automatic grading

Engage your students with immediate and continuous automatic feedback on their code. Write tests in our intuitive UI or seamlessly integrate your own testing scripts. Our autograder is highly flexible and customizable.

Online editor

Our easy-to-use editor gives students a user-friendly environment so they can focus on the assignment at hand while getting instant and continuous feedback from the autograder.

Built-in Python and Java curriculum

If you are teaching Introduction to Python or Java, CodeGrade comes with 40+ pre-configured fully automatically graded assignments, so you can start teaching straight away!

Intuitive inline comments

Give your students powerful and accessible feedback precisely on lines or blocks of code. Use easy and efficient shortcuts for high efficiency and consistency. Even interact with students right within the code.

Plagiarism detection for code.

Built-in plagiarism detection that is especially designed for code, with a beautifully insightful online interface and export functionality. Works with all major programming languages and even Jupyter Notebooks!

Admin tools

Distribute, run and review all student submissions in one place, with grade passback directly to your learning management system.

Seamless integrations.

Connect CodeGrade with your Learning Management System for user and grades synchronization. Connect GitHub or GitLab so students can hand in with Git. Finally, create your own integrates with our RESTful API.

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