January 9, 2024

New Partnership with Anthology/Blackboard

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Our strengthened partnership with Anthology, the creators of Blackboard, includes active contributions to events, sponsorship of initiatives, and the provision of free sandbox environments for hands-on experiences within the Blackboard Learning Management System. As a result, we can further our commitment to seamless integration and enhanced support for Blackboard users.

We are delighted to announce our new and improved partnership with Anthology, the creators of Blackboard. This collaboration allows us to improve our commitment to supporting our Blackboard partners and further integrating our services seamlessly.

As part of this partnership, we can be more involved in Anthology events and conferences, where we can actively contribute and sponsor initiatives. This collaboration also enables us to elevate our support for you by offering free sandbox environments in learn or ultra to prospective clients. This allows individuals to immerse themselves in a hands-on experience, gaining familiarity with the functionality of our product within the Blackboard Learning Management System.

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Additionally, we are excited to assist you in setting up test accounts and providing heightened support to partners who have selected Blackboard as their preferred learning management system. This empowers us to offer tailored assistance and ensure a smooth integration process for you, our partners.

Kendra Hare

Kendra Hare

Marketing Specialist
Meet Kendra, a whiskey and coffee aficionado, whose rich background in higher education infuses a unique blend of experiences and perspectives. As our marketing specialist, she ensures CodeGrade's mission reaches and impacts a wide audience.

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